Project Overview

The overall aims of the project is to investigate the technical and commercial feasibility of a novel technology that would enable Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) powered by low carbon energy sources to become economically viable for a wide range of space heating applications.

It creates a new commercial opportunity for UK industry addressing fuel poverty by making space heating/cooling cheaper. In this project, the proposed EfficientGeoTech system avoids expensive, large drilling rigs required for conventional borehole, the use of portable piling machines allows GHEs to be installed on otherwise inaccessible sites.

The project will demonstrate to house builders and local authorities significant potential for reducing buildings’ energy consumption. Such improvements would benefit future occupants by reducing their heating costs and thus improving their standard of living.

The work will also help more broadly in enhancing public awareness that sustainable heating is feasible if technologies are properly developed.

The key features, i.e. low cost, high efficiency, ease of production and installation, will help stimulate the building and energy technology market, increasing the strategic role in the UK economy and, creating more employment.