Geo Green Power Ltd

Geo Green Power‘s main business activities are the design, installation, and management of electricity generation and storage systems.

GGP is understood to be the UK’s premier installer of 20kW-100kW solar PV systems in the agricultural and commercial sector.

The renewable energy systems designed by GGP are installed in close association with the electricity distribution network operators (DNO’s) around the country, requiring intimate knowledge of the relevant network standards. Effective storage of intermittent renewable energy is a growth area for GGP and the company designs, installs, and manages a range of renewable energy storage and control systems.

The company also invests in renewable energy research, as well as the development of products and people to provide solutions for countries that suffer from energy poverty.  To this end GGP has a subsidiary, GGP Caribbean, which is exporting products that reduce the reliance on imported fossil fuels in these countries.

The use of renewable energy generated close to where it is required can without doubt make a major contribution to an improved living standard and working environment.  However, the company is aware that much work remains to be done for the full benefit of the opportunities available to be realized.  It is to this end that Geo Green Power Ltd works closely with research groups at Nottingham University and other institutions to design new systems that combine solar PV with other energy storage/conversion technologies.

The Managing Director of GGP, Andrew Cunningham has a BEng in Electrical Engineering, and has spent most of his career starting, and building technology companies, as well as having spent six years running a global division of Thomson Reuters (at the time, Reuters, a FTSE 100 company).

Geo Green Power was created specifically to gain an understanding of the R+D required for the UK to fully benefit from renewable energy opportunities.